Horizon zero dawn – most awaiting game we are excited for 

Horizon zero dawn

A new game has created by Guerrilla Games , independent , multidimensional , and highly satisfying mission of a heroine to lead his journey through out risks.
Sam Loveridge ,  all the created a game in which we weren’t expecting a lion king tribute. This is a post-apocalyptic  adventure set in the world filled with monstrous robots (hardly designed material). Though One thing is confirmed that the game will surely open with Aloy , the flame haired warrior who has become an icon to Sony’s PlayStation 4 marketing , as a baby is cried onto her mentor , he alofts the child to the goddess , screaming her name into the Abyss.

The Guerrilla Games last month also previewed for the game , also it is clear that Guerrilla Games team is introducing a very modern heroine like Lara  croft like designed character for the 21st century with a motto of not only to inspire gamers , with her strength , flexibility , confidence  , ferocity or complexity but with her femininity.

Horizon zero dawn  is based on a time period in which 1000 years after , an apocalyptic event wipes out all the humanities left on 21 century. The event ruins the civilization we know for long , also revealing high – tech advance technology society , which has many secrets buried in it. The lead writer John Gonzalez said that ” their are profound secrets buried out there, and the story will lead you to unveil them” also mentioning that ” I don’t think it is going to be that what you expecting”.

That obviously creates a curiousity among gamers whom are awaiting for the launch of horizon zero dawn game.
The only hint that the developers of this game mentioned is that Horizon zero dawn will have giant big animal type robots that are roam around the lands , forcing human race to exist in scattered tribe. The main character of this game is Aloy , a girl with no mother from birth.

With his age growing , Aloy starts fighting for a legitimate position in the tribe , fighting with other Nora child in the tribe. But , it doesn’t took time to tribals to understand that her way of fighting is far better than other child at her age. Therefore , she was dropped in the crucial world of high tech robots early than expected. She then discovers the secrets buried onto it , and fights against the murmuring creatures.

During the demo , the game was played by some lucky people’s completing their first 3 missions of side quests and a point later for the purpose to saw the creatures. Eventually from this demo , this game is not ignorable infact horizon zero dawn is launching at a perfect time in our own history.

Lets hope for the best , for the creators also.


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