Sony Xperia flagship will arrive soon

Sony Xperia company is well known for its scheduled decision of introducing new arrivals in every 6 months and by updates that announced recently about sony Xperia flagship it clearly shows the Sony has no planning of slowing down.

It had been around 4 months since when Sony XZ was launched by Sony Inc. and now here we here with rumors of Sony Xperia flagship launch soon. This is the latest topic of conversation on rumor mills.But , it is still not confirmed by Sony Inc.

The company had announced the end-line of Z series smartphones earlier at MWC events 2016 , in the same time when Sony introduced X series considered as its future. Still it is not easy to predict Sony Inc naming policy.

Any guesses for new generation Sony Xperia flagship?

Well it is hoped that Sony can name the next generation Sony Xperia flagship model relevant to X  series , therefore it can be predicted as X2.

Expectations for X2

It is Highly expected that the new arrival should be the next gen smartphone considering –

  • Design features – omnibalance design with metal body and USB type-C and fingerprint sensor for sure.
  • Camera features – auto focus with premium flagship features with Sony IMX 400 sensors with 23-megapixel rear camera and 13-megapixel front camera.
  • Hardware feature – Qualcomm processor with 4GB RAM .
  • Operating system feature – Sony next gen flagship will run on Android 7.1 that is nougat , recently updated Android software in market.

With all of these features it is expected that Sony will mention reports about this flagship phone on MWC events 2017 , and will also launch this phone on MWC events 2017 in Barcelona.

Let’s just hope Sony gave us one of the best experience as they gave in past.
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