Starbucks update their app – allows you to order whilst talking to it 

Starbucks coffees company launched their app in past but it has old bugs therefore Starbucks improvise their app.

Starbucks are making efforts so that they will stay on top of technology , and to make sure of these efforts they have added a new voice- ordering feature to Amazon’s Alexa  and also in their app that is available in iOS , named as “My Starbucks Barista”. This voice-ordering feature is an improved extension to the app as Starbucks Already have pay feature that basically helps us to pay or send money for an order in advance , this mobile pay feature was launched long back in December of last year.

The main purpose of this feature is that you all will be able to operate this feature while driving or something else by simple speaking to your phone regarding the order and leave rest to app , also you can customise your drinks and food.But this app is only available for customers that use iOS.

Will it be available for Android users or windows?

For windows their are less chances but Starbucks mentioned that they will also upgrade an compatible version for Android users in future. 

How can we order by Amazon Alexa?

For Alexa users , they just have to say “Alexa, order my Starbucks” by doing so you will next be able to pick up your beverage and food .

This voice-ordering feature will be available to first thousand customers . Don’t worry , the company has invested on this feature in US , hopefully you all can use it for sure in upcoming days.

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