Samsung S8 specifications

Many rumors are coming that Samsung is preparing to launch Samsung S8 , due to the fact that Samsung s series had made its market brand name that are marked as one of the best phones in the market. Many information regarding Samsung S8 emerged , also Samsung revealed a clearer image to what to expect upon its release.Apart from the fact that Samsung upgraded it’s internal hardware , also they are more focusing on its design and switching to another battery manufacturers.
After the big Note 7 battery exploding controversy and investigation , the south Korean company’s solution is to replace it’s secondary manufacturer with a Japanese supplier. 

Therefore , Samsung is making very hard efforts in order to provide a better , reliable and safer battery .

The smartphone maker’s interest with murata comes from a Kyto-based manufacturers , that provides batteries of Sony Xperia model’s. Apparently , Sony lithium-ion batteries have piqued the interest of Samsung.

This most probably means that we can soon see Samsung S8 models with Sony lithium-ion batteries.Is in it interesting?

Samsung also confirmed that we all can expect awkward Fingerprint scanner in Samsung S8 . On a related note ,  Samsung S8 design rendors have put Fingerprint scanner right next to camera , unlikely other smartphones company that mostly provide Fingerprint just below the camera.

That is the reason why Samsung S8 Fingerprint scanner is called awkward as traditionally almost all the companies put Fingerprint scanner at home button or just below the camera that is easily accessible but Samsung has something else in their mind.

Another interesting fact that Samsung S8 introduced is a advance feature called as “beast mode” of which no information is received till yet. Samsung S8 will have a professor of Snapdragon 830 paired either will 4GB RAM with internal storage of 64GB or 6GB RAM with internal storage of 128 GB.

It is expecting from Samsung to unreveal official information at March 29 event and official launch at April 21.

Let’s hope for the best.

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