Samsung S8 costs $1000 and specifications , price in INR – ₹65,000.

Back when I posted information about  SAMSUNG S8 SPECIFICATIONS , many of you were filled with enthusiasm about How much Samsung S8 costs. With regards of your curiosity we are sharing this information about SAMSUNG’S plan to launch Samsung S8 information.

Samsung recently mentioned about Samsung S8 launch , with this announcement a buzz is created all around the technology industry. Therefore  today on 4th February ,2017 many information is spread out about Samsung S8 price. 

According to new reports , Samsung can costd S8 close around $1,000 for the top configuration of its next flagship , which will for sure make this phone one of the most expensive mainstream smartphones.

Also according to GSM ARENA , a citing leaker , it cames to know that Samsung S8 can costs $943 (around ₹61,568) in asian market with an internal storage of 128GB , while the 64GB model can cost around $885 (around ₹58,356) . Comparatively Samsung S8 price is much more higher than its previously launched S7 model that highly costs around $725-$754 for the 32GB model.

The same leaker also updated information on S8 that Samsung will provide 6GB RAM instead of 4GB RAM that will match with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. This all information matches with the rumors that we were hearing so far.

Another interesting information that came out is Samsung S8 will have a new assistant against Siri is called BixBy.

Also to get information about SAMSUNGS S8 specifications GET THE DETAILS HERE.

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