LG watch style , watch sport with Android wear 2.0 , first smartwatches to run on Android with price and specifications

Technology is making new world with smart work , people are now more dependent on technology than human effort. Therefore , tech companies are making new things to evolve the earth , in order maintain this stability LG will launch his smartwatches soon.

It looks like we shall be able to witness the next range of smartwatches that run on Android of Android wear 2.0 based wearables that are way ahead Mobile world Congress 2017.
It is most probably expected that LG will launch the first set of smartwatches running on the newest  Android wear 2.0 earlier than first assumption.

According to recent information by Evan blass , a  serial tipster the LG smartwatches will be instock from day before February 8.

The LG smart style and smart sport are two range of smartwatches designed by LG company that are expected to run-on latest Android wear 2.0 . According to recent updates these smartwatches will be announced on upcoming MWC events 2017.

LG smart style specifications

It is rumoured that latest upcoming smartwatches by LG that is LG smart style will have –

  • Stainless steel body design.
  • Circular ,  OLED display.
  • Water resistant.
  • Dust resistant.
  • 1.2 inch display.
  • 380×380 pixels of resolution.
  • 512 MB of RAM.
  • 430 mAh of battery.

It is also expected that smart style shall be LTE compatible in order to make it a independent wearable.

LG smart sport specifications

When it comes to LG smart style , many rumours have been spread out about his RAM , pixels etc. But the data that is confirmed is that is will contain-

  • It will feature a 1.38 inch display .
  • 480×480 pixels resolution.
  • RAM of 768 MB.
  • IP68 certification confirming it water and dust resistant.
  • 438 mAh of battery.


LG till yet hasn’t confirmed the pricing but it is expected that LG smart style will costs $249 (approximately ₹16,800) and LG smart sport will costs $349 (approximately ₹24,643).
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