WhatsApp new feature will let you question your friends status

WhatsApp has many features that tends to make it the most trusted and best interactive app till now , as a result of which WhatsApp official are putting their best efforts to make it easier to use for their customers.

Recently WhatsApp had introduced a new feature of video calling which actually become very necessary among WhatsApp users. This feature increased WhatsApp users time duration 

Ofcourse , it was expected as WhatsApp video calling option is very easy and can run on less data .

From this reaction , WhatsApp officials understood that they need to introduce many other many features so that their users increase , therefore WhatsApp messenger will surely launch a new feature in which you can question your friends status.

WhatsApp statuses haven’t been so popular than Facebook , but the new WhatsApp update will surely change that .

According to this feature , suppose your friend has a depressing status then you can directly ask that “what is matter dude” without even starting a conversation .

You will get h recipient in which you will be allowed to ask anyone , anything ,anytime.

Let’s see what difference will this feature make.

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