Samsung S8 Fingerprint scanner considered at worst location

Most of the people are excited when it is rumoured that Samsung is all set to launch his S series next flagship ” Samsung S8 ” also many rumors came out about its specifications and also about its price. But to get confirmed updates , do visit my recent posts about Samsung S8 .

With many reviews Samsung noticed after the rumors about Samsung S8 Fingerprint scanner location , obviously almost 89% of reviews were rated as bad location traces for Samsung S8 Fingerprint scanner. Therefore , recent updates tells that Samsung is planning to move his Fingerprint scanner location – it doesn’t look ideal.

As we all are aware that Samsung everytime came up with innovative ideas , may be that is the reason why Samsung had planned such location obviously but it doesn’t accomodate their customers as location of Samsung’s S8 Fingerprint scanner is next to his camera and since S8 is a very tall device therefore it becomes difficult to unlock the device again and again holding it by two hands.

This decision isn’t a fascinating one that is cleared but what makes Samsung to take such step?

Well this isn’t very first time Samsung had made a strange decision , in past also they hired a manufacturer of battery providers in Samsung galaxy note 7 , the batteries were defected therefore it exploded.

Samsung till yet doesn’t confirmed about changing its Fingerprint scanner location but it is likely to happen. Let’s hope for the best.

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