Verizon spills beans on LG smartwatches

LG is all set to launch its very first smartwatches edition. Both the LG smart sport and wear24 smartwatches with Android wear 2.0 were announced today by Verizon that they both are coming with LTE support. Recent updates clarify that both of these smartwatches will be coming to Verizon and wear24 will be exclusive.

Verizon’s both smartwatches will run with Android wear 2.0 soon. Coming to its data plans and other services it is confirmed that these devices will surely work on Verizon’s single device plan which will offer 1 GB data per month including unlimited free calls and texts under a price tag of $10 per month.

Isn’t it costly?

Actually it is not , because how many of you people expect from your watch to run just exactly your smartphone do? 

Very less of you , isn’t it Right?

Also one of a Verizon representative said this afternoon that ” we are not a Verizon customer yet .But , would like to switch to Verizon customer most probably”.

The watches are remarkable for their high quality watch face recognition unique feature and is able to make – receive calls and texts without the use of smartphone also having water resistant skill upto 30 minutes in a full submersion of 3.3 feet respectively.

The above image is a leaked picture of LG smart sport though it is not confirmed yet.

The watch will have some amazing features , like it will –

  • Work with MSM8909W processor.
  • have 1.3 inch circle shaped display.
  • have POLED display i.e 480×480 in other words 348 ppi .
  • have built-in-speaker also with a removable battery of 430 mAh.

Talking about the smart sensors this watch will have are –

  •  accelerometer sensor.
  •  ambient light sensor.
  •  barometer sensor.
  • Gyroscope sensor.
  • Heart rate sensor.

The watch will have 4GB of internal storage with LTE , NFC and WiFi connection availability.


The Verizon wear24 might costs users around $300 (approximately ₹20,725) with a two year contract .

The LG smart sport will costs users $330 (approximately ₹22,625) with a pre-orderong scheme that will start from February 10th.

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