Google station to come India first before any other country

 Google station is a new plan to be launched by Google Inc. soon , important news is that Google will launch his new plan firstly in India before any other country in other words Google station is coming to Indian city before anywhere else in the world.

Google station is a strategy that will provide free WiFi connection within the range of its network. 

This will not only provide WiFi in areas like railway station etc , but also in public places so for that Google will soon start working on its station program in order to satisfy their users more likely.

According to recent news that Google unvieled  is that about 150km away from Mumbai that is pune will be the first place in the world where Google will launch his 1st ever public fast – internet hotspots till yet.

State run internet service providers railTel and IBM signed a agreement to bag a amount ₹1,500 million with local authority to make Pune smart development corporation city into Pune smart city.

A GOOGLE spokesman in a statement told mashable India that ” with a goal of creating an evolving India , we think a plan of providing free internet to our next billion users is best for us , therefore we have found that making a high quality public WiFi that is easily accessible can play a severe role in providing internet to millions of internet users”.

With this plan Google will also launch a program announced last year in which Google is looking for fast internet and  affordable connectivity with the help of local service providers and retailers that runs businesses in internet field.

– an article by Vibhu Sirohi 


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