Battlefield 1 – winter update will soon be in market 

A new game is going to strike the market soon in next week. The game will be known as ” battlefield 1- winter update ” as you can see in above image.

This game is created by EA and DICE company , those who announced today on 11 February 2017 about its launch to be scheduled for someday in next week.

This statement came out by a tweet on Twitter today by battlefield account saying that ,” stay tuned. The winder update is coming” with an image mentioned above that clearly indicates that EA and DICE are planning to launch this game in next week.

Although it is mentioned that this version isn’t tied up by first expansion , also mentioned that they shall not pass , which launches in March.

DICE company recently also launches public test servers for battlefield 1 , indicating that the changes may seen in this version. It is rumoured that there can be a return of ribbons .

Ribbons – ribbons actually grants experience for reaching certain milestones.

Let’s see what this game will came up. Let us hope that this game changes our experience of gaming.

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