HDFC launched his lite app , probably new step towards NetBanking

From the above heading you all aren’t very excited to know as you all are familiar that almost all the banks are creating their application in order to satisfy their customers because the world is changing . Technology is the new future.

Banks like axis , Andhra , Syndicate , ICICI etc. Already launched their app in market , instead HDFC bank also launched their NetBanking app earlier but it was not very easy to use and not accessible , therefore HDFC had taken a step towards new era of using lite weighted app that doesn’t require Internet connection , yes we are not kidding . The new HDFC lite app doesn’t require an internet connection.

The news that is coming is that this lite app is available to iOS , Android and windows market.

HDFC lite

This app is basically an interface app for banks customer cares.  So , you can not really perform transactions , open a fixed deposit account or any other actions.

The app consists of bifurcated sections , enquiries and requests , which can be used by missed calls and SMS . 

Whenever you perform any action the app is divided with separated sections of balance enquiry , checkbook enquiry , bank Statement etc. This app also enables you to set up primary and other accounts.

To provide a clear image , look at the image below 👇

This app is basically helps you to ignore calling tolled numbers and request for their issue again and again and to wait for the company employe to pick up your call. So with this app , you can now prevent from these problems.

iOS users will feel good after hearing this update that recently HDFC bank added a new UPI support that helps you to a payment system in which you can transfer money to different mercents whenever you want and wherever you are.

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