Play store new feature added , allows you to show original and sale prices of paid apps

Play store is one of the most searched apps market in android phones , it is a hub of all the app launched till yet , you can download any legal app from play store .

Therefore , play store has added a new feature in which it will show the original and sale Price of any paid application who want to download , in other words you all knew that there are plenty of great apps in this store , also creating a mess . Thankfully Google has updated a feature (late but good) in which apps will be provided with their sale price and original price.

It clearly shows Google is now making things a bit easy for those who are not very professional in play store uses.
Understanding this feature , some of you are thinking that it is not a feature that is new , infact play store provides sale and original prices for books , movies and music sections?

Yes , you all are right  Google had planned this feature unanimously for all sections of play store but , with some reasons they weren’t able to provide data prices for apps and games.

Hopefully , Google today on 11 February updated this feature for games and apps also.

  • Probably some top rated games are already provided their sale and original prices like Lego Batman games , although there are plenty of more games that are considered to be provided this info later in order to stay them on play store.
  • Also , play store is not the only store where Google had updated this feature but , this feature  will also use in chrome weblistings as well.

Isn’t that awesome. Probably you can double check this update by simply opening your play store and search top rated paid apps.

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