Pinterest hires Google images search veterans that will make Pinterest searches bit easy

You all must have known with the social networks app mentioned above i.e. Pinterest and Google images.

Actually both of these works similarly although there is a huge difference in how the company operates and their users but they have somewhere similarities.

Both of these companies include robust and searchable database of images that gathered information about the topic that is searched around the web. But, the former just recently started increasing discovery tools in order to get high efficiency results.

Randy Keller , a former Google executive who had been working with 40 members of strong team working on Google of nearly 10 years had been hired by Pinterest company today. His LinkedIn profile today adds-up that he was responsible for the search images results, guided searches , image relates, search image ranking and other convenient efforts.

Today on 11 February , he had been hired at a very new Position , at Pinterest he has been appointed as a head of search  , and will directly report to vanja josifovski , also a former Google executive as Randy Keller but is now is head of discover engineering at Pinterest.

In an latest interview Randy Keller said in a statement that

Pinterest is the most exciting opportunities I have been given till yet and I will look forward to give my expertise in search image ranking and results to the team helping millions of people with billions of idea everyday every minute. Pinterest new unprecented data will reform new ideas with greater search relateds for their customers.

With this announcement , Pinterest is working on their search image ranking and results better therefore they also introduced a new option in which it is named as  venturebeat that will facilitate image with live camera , apparently this feature is currently available for only iOS users , that will allow a user to point his camera towards any object like , food , fashion products , wearables , gadgets , etc.

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