Samsung S2 gear 3G is available at $96 (approximately ₹6,563).

Samsung S2 gear 3G finally gets his price and is now available at any online store.   Although you can still buy it from official site of Samsung .

The Samsung S2 gear 3G classic is now available for $96 (approximately around ₹6,563) also featuring eSIMGemalto .

What could be termed as a good news then Samsung S2 gear classic 3G edition has now achieved a price cut . The smartwatch is currently selling at a new price which is brought to you by wireless carrier T-Mobile .

To buy it at sale prices or you are desirable to add Samsung S2 gear 3G classic into your wishlist then you can check out T-mobile online portal. Remember these prices are valid for limited period of time , so hurry to attain this offer.

TMOBILE also letting their subscribers to buy Samsung S2 gear 3G classic at $96 on monthly payments. In other words , users can pay through EMI option in which this smartwatch will cost you around $4 per month

Samsung S2 gear 3G classic has –

  • 1.2 inch display with a resolution of 360×360 with pixel density of 420ppi
  • It runs on Tizen wearable operating system
  • 512 mb of RAM with an internal storage of 4GB
  • 300 mAh of lithium ion battery

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