FreeCharge attempts to attract their users – updated a new feature

Paytm is now available for Symbian devices also , therefore users are now started using Paytm more then any other pay app like FreeCharge , MobiKwik etc.

In order to prevent their fall , FreeCharge recently updated a new feature to their app in order to gain customers. According to this feature , now users will be allowed to make their transactions using sound waves.

While Paytm is making its userbase , FreeCharge is attempting to make payment with ease services so that users use FreeCharge more than any other payment based application.

This feature is actually an new technology through which users can pay their payments using sound waves.

Yes , you heard me ….. It’s is true  , users will now complete any payment via sound waves.

During announcing this feature , FreeCharge officials also mentioned that currently this new added feature is available only for Android platform also mentioning that iOS feature will be available in coming days .

Apparently with this new feature , the CEO of FreeCharge also said that –

FreeCharge takes the commitment providing best experience of making transactions , in order to maintain this pride we are launching soundwaves payment feature onto our platform in partnership with Tonetag , to ensure that we still remain the best.

Also the android users that use FreeCharge can now use this feature in ” pay or send ” option . Users now can pay by 3 differents methods that are onthegopin , QR code scanner and soundwaves payment.

How  to use this feature

  • First you have to go to FreeCharge , and then you will notice a feature of “pay or send ” option.
  • After opening “pay or send “ option , users have to select mode of payment. In this mode you have to select sound payment .
  • After selecting sound payment , merchants have to enter details about the transactions on the platform , which will after emit a sound signal to the device to our paying.
  • When the other device recognise this sound , a button will came up “pay now ” , merchants just have to click on that button and rest leave up to FreeCharge.

Apparatus ,this new feature can only be used in 6 different outlets that are

  1. Pharmacy outlet.
  2. NICE toll plaza.
  3. Colleges.
  4. Malls.
  5. Offices.
  6. Tonetag merchants.

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