Google home and Amazon echo may get eligible to make calls

Amazon echo

Google home

Amazon echo and Google home are the new artificial intelligence bots that can help you in many ways. They both have many in-built features that actually Amaze their customers.

With this certainty, the recent buzz regarding these devices is that they might have the possibility to add a feature that can allow their customers to make calls…….📞📞📞

Yes , this is true Google home and Amazon echo could gain the ability to make calls. This will  allow these devices to act like a smartphone.

Google and Amazon are working to add this feature to their shout-speakered intellectual devices featuring to make and recieve calls. 

While many people are rumouring alot , one of the top news spread out is that Amazon is actually working in its echo device in order to Stay on the top while there are no confirmation from Google about Google home. Amazon is working on it so that echo could sync your phone’s contacts and make calls  however it will be no longer private.
While this feature is considered to be cool , but it also has some objections and concerns like , you may face problem of shout out while your phone is nearly by these devices . But , these companies are making efforts to ensure safety from this problem.

This feature will not just make and recieve calls but also have many other amazing features like – emergency calls , privacy , telecom regulations and awkwardness during speaker calls.

However , conducting a call on echo or home will not be private at all , because they are speaker based devices that can not have headphone or any other micro sound technology . But , anything can happen so let’s hope for the best.

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