LineageOS requirements and procedures to install

In the last post , we have posted a the new features and information about LineageOS custom ROMs , many people emailed about what are the prerequisites and procedure to install  this custom ROM in Moto G4 and G4 plus. So let’s start…..
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Prerequisites for LineageOS custom ROM

  • In LineageOS custom ROM , root file that need to integrate in custom ROMs like CyanogenMods  will not be integrated , instead it will be made as an saparate file as Google apps. In other words interested users have to download and install an file of Google apps (G-apps).
  • LineageOS custom ROM will swipe all the current data of current ROM in order to let users install this advanced custom ROM.
  • Most important part in this procedure , this Nougat 7.0 based custom ROM can only be Installed on devices like Motorola Moto G4 and G4 plus only , if this custom ROM is Installed on any other device then it may dead your device.
  • This custom ROM is a very advanced custom ROM , which improves your performance UI and unlock some amazing features but , this custom ROM will surely void your warranty and company will not be responsible for any threat to your device.
  • Root requirement is very necessary before trying to install this custom ROM.
  • This custom ROM also requires installation of clockwork mod (CWM) / twrp recovery on your smartphone also in this process make sure your computer has USB driver in order to recognise your device.
  • During this procedure , your battery percentage must be above 80%.
  • If you don’t have these above requirements then please do not attempt to install this custom ROM , else you may dead your device.

    This installation procedure is very critical and should be perform under the guidance of someone who had install a custom ROM earlier. Suspecting errors during this process is very important and can prevent your device from bricking.

    Step-by-step instructions to install LineageOS custom ROM

    • Download LineageOS custom ROM and Google apps into your computer.

    To download LineageOS custom ROM 14.1 and G-apps onto your computer , links are in bottom.

    • Connect your Moto G4 or G4 plus to your computer.
    • Copy and paste the .Zip file you downloaded on your PC into your phone’s storage memory.
    • Then patiently switch off your phone and then gently disconnect it from your computer.
    • Press and hold power button (¶) and volume up (+) in order to open recovery mode.
    • Once you enter into twrp recovery , then just clear ” wipe cache ” and then you see ” swipe to factory reset” . Perform this operation.
    •  Return to your .Zip file where you pasted it , then just click on it and after that “Install the .Zip file”.
    • Comeback to your twrp recovery and then approve the task by clicking on “confirm flash “.
    • Then your process of installing custom ROM will start and in few minutes you can see a successful notice .

    Links to download mentioned files

    1. Android Nougat 7.1 based LineageOS custom ROM

               download from here

           2. Google apps

               download G-apps 

            3. USB driver

                 USB driver download

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