Google CEO – Sunder Pichai replied to a 7 year old girl asking for job

Google is now considered to be one of the most expensive and valuable company in which almost all the youth dreams to work and GeT employed. Even though it is very advanced technology company still they seems to take interest in e-mails they get from they well wishers and followers.

For eg. Recently a 7 year old girl sent a letter telling about her interest in computer and technologirs with asking a job from Google in future. She not only mentioned her interest in Google but also mentioned about her passion to swim in Olympics.

Read her words more effectively 👇

Her name is Chloe Bridgewater  aged only 7 years , you can see how this little girl expresses her passion towards technology and company with a dream to work in Google Inc 

Sending  this letter to her so called  ” Google boss” she also mentioned about her sister named as  ” hollie Bridgewater” that is more clever than her .

With this letter , the CEO of Google Inc – Mr Sunder Pichai was impressed alot because of that he himself takes opportunity to reply this girl.

He was so impressed with this girl that he spoke –

” Dear Chloe , I am glad that you like computer and technologies , also I think if you keep hard working , keep learning about robots and technologies then you can accomplish what ever to have set in your mind – from swimming in Olympics to work in Google. I will look forward to your job letter whenever you complete with your school. All the best to you and your family ”

With this reaction of CEO Sunder Pichai , her father replied that ” we are shocked and gobsmacked , but Chloe didn’t know the weight of this reaction she had got. She has very good entrepreneur spirits and hopefully she will have a great future weighting for her “.

He also added that ” she is a very bright child since from her nursery and teachers always compliment her “.

Good luck Chloe , our best wishes are with you…
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