Google home allows you to shop anything online by Google assistant (updated)

Google home is a new device with artificial intelligence with speaker technology which plays a role just like your assistant. Just say ” ok Google ” and it will be online and can respond to any command you give.

From our last post , you may heard about updates in Google home in which it may get eligible to make calls , if not then you can click here to read about  it.

Actually Google is making alot of efforts to stay on top in competition with Amazon echo. Amazon echo has many significant feature , although Google home isn’t less but one thing echo has is that you can shop any thing from it. It is so because Amazon is an online store so it basically connects echo with all the data of products they are selling and availablity .

Thinking about this matter seriously , Google now came to a plan in which they had added a feature in Google home that allows you to shop anything from Google by simply saying “ok Google order this or that” .

Isn’t this cool?

Google is making sure that their assistant is  no less than Amazon echo in terms of shopping , also Google has Google express and retailers opening up their shops for dailybased accessories and items. So , you can shop over 50 available retailers that can provide you with anything you want by simply asking Google home to order it.

Google also mentioned that if you buy products over these 50 national retailers which includes bed bath , costCo , petSmarts , Walgreens Etc.  From Google home than you may expect the item to deliver day after you order.

All you have to do is  just set up an account with mode of payment, default credit card and correct address. Remember if you set up account before 24 April , 2017 then you won’t have to pay sign up fee.

So if you want to sign up then you may click here and you will be redirected to Google official signing up page for Google assistant.

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