YouTube to kill its most annoying ad format

YouTube has many types of ads format , and it should as YouTube is one of the most trusted medium for promotions.

 Companies to make their brand name pays YouTube to put ads on videos so that more and more people could reach towards it , and it is also considered to be one of the most valuable and important factor now a days when you have started your company or app.

But , their is one ad format that actually annoys alot . I am saying as I experienced it alot.

This ad format is unskippable ads of different time duration . In other words viewers can not skip the ads YouTube had put of any particular company even it is of 30 seconds or more than 5 minutes.

This ad format is one of the worst situation YouTube puts you up , I am saying this because this isn’t a good way to treat their users. Let’s suppose you want to show your friends a very funny video at heat of a moment but suddenly you noticed that you have to wait for atleast 60 seconds to watch this video , what will you do?

Ofcourse it’s clear you will definitely close the video or change your choice may be you can also frustrat from which you straight away close Youtube. Anything can happen.
I know many of you knows a way to avoid that is ” schmadblock “. But soon you don’t have to because from next year onwards Google is discontinuing this annoying ad format completely.

You can see all ad format YouTube use by looking at the picture below

In an Statement Google mentioned that they aims to provide a better viewing experience to their beloved viewers therefore they said ” we are here to provide our users a better viewing experience therefore from next year i.e 2018 we have decided to stop 30 seconds unskippable ads and instead will work on formats that actually work well in case of advertising”.

Although it’s also been confirmed that other formats of 20 seconds unskippable ads will remain same .

From past two years , we noticed a drastical change in video streaming , because now YouTube isn’t the only platform that provides video streaming. Viewers now have many options for eg. Instagram and Facebook that updated their bugs of ads format. Following which there are also competition like and rumble.

Therefore , to stay on the top Google must take efforts.

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