Apple decided that repairing iphones will not void warranty

Repairing phones isn’t an option when you buy things that are very expensive, things that apple sell. In fact , it is concluded that 1 in 23 people repairs his phone , that is not a big deal. But apple thinks in a different way , they want to be the best.

Therefore , apple takes a small but significant step in its policy of repairing with 3rd party screen replacement.

According to this policy , if you repaired your iPhone from someone who is not a part of apple inc. will not void your device’s warranty , that means Apple will still help you.

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In other words , if you cracked your device’s screen with local repairing shops , apple is still fix your device .Although their are limits that must be considered.

So , let us talk about these limits-

If you want apple to look after your phone that you repaired from a local service provider  than you have to pay full price that apple take , also your device should be under warranty , whether the warranty is from Applecare or one-year standard warranty.

As you know , any 3rd party are still going to void your iPhone warranty , expect apple to charge full price in order to convey them your phone .

Till now apple hasn’t confirmed anything yet , but readers can take a word that this step will going on work soon tremendously.

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