Samsung galaxy tab S3 leaks preview at upcoming mobile phone event

Mobile phones are one thing , but when public wants something big then things go different. How many of you wants to carry a laptop in order to watch movies or carry data for business?  I expect very less of you Therefore , in past Samsung launched a galaxy series of tablets , which get a […]


Samsung S2 gear 3G is available at $96 (approximately ₹6,563).

Samsung S2 gear 3G finally gets his price and is now available at any online store.   Although you can still buy it from official site of Samsung . The Samsung S2 gear 3G classic is now available for $96 (approximately around ₹6,563) also featuring eSIMGemalto . What could be termed as a good news then Samsung S2 gear classic 3G … Continue reading Samsung S2 gear 3G is available at $96 (approximately ₹6,563).